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“Two Roses for Peace” (Dos Rosas por la Paz) is a collective art movement led by
Master Silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols.

The Two Roses for Peace is a collective art movement led by world-famous silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols with the support of more than 1,500 people from all around the world. Handcrafted roses are being made from metal and bronze, smelted from bullets and ammunition shells used in the conflict of 1982, as a tribute to the Argentine and British soldiers who gave their lives in the short war.

The roses carry a universal message of peace and aim to unite families of fallen Argentine and British soldiers who rest in the cemeteries in the South Atlantic Islands. A member of the family of an Argentine fallen soldier will take one of the roses to the British fallen and vice-versa, a member of the family of a British fallen will take another rose to the Argentine fallen.

All voices are listened at the Assemblies and Smelting Ceremonies held at Pallarols’ workshop and museum in San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where veterans of war, relatives of the fallen, citizens of Argentina, United Kingdom and the world work together smelting and planishing the metal alloy from the ammunition shells used in the war to then shape them into rose petals and engrave them. Each participant has a voice that is heard; they work together and sign the Two Roses for Peace book in support of this collective peace initiative.


Master silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols will visit the main cities of Argentina and the world engraving the petals of the roses so that anyone who wishes to participate in the offering can join him. At the same time, international representatives of the project are travelling around the world with the same objective

Rosa en la mesa de trabajo


Members and participants of the Two Roses for Peace Community do not like the war; we prefer the peace. We propose making a collective work. We are encouraged to work in peace, for peace and love amongst all citizens of the world. We give up our loneliness, the fear of the different originated in the lack of communication amongst nations, the fanaticism and selfishness, arrogance and ignorance. We believe that the voice of the people is more important than the sound of cannons and that humankind has culturally and scientifically grown up enough to solve their conflicts through dialogue, and never again war. We feel that the blood spilt in a war hurts all humanity and therefore no purpose justifies the means. We consider it unjust and a crime that those who declare wars do not fight it themselves. We recognise that battles between people are a result of different signs of cultures, but that symbols and deep meanings are identical to the whole of humanity.
The roses are a tribute to the fallen of the 1982 conflict, but they carry a much stronger message, a universal call for peace. We propose that we make an offering to all those who fought and died in conflict; an offering that symbolises our wishes of hope and cultural evolution for a universal humanity and a peaceful living.

Tallado de un petalo, por el Maestro Pallarols


Juan Carlos Pallarols

Juan Carlos Pallarols is a master sivlersmith and artisan with over 60 years of international trajectory + veterans of war and relatives of the fallen + citizens of the world and signatories + artists, professionals and businesspeople.

Pallarols y una niña tallando un petalo


Telefono: +54911 4362 5186
“We will do this together”


England: +44 (0) 7838 547531
Argentina: +54 11 4362 5186

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